Meet Little Abby

My big sis Pam and her husband took some family portraits on Thanksgiving (my birthday!) and I’m just getting around to posting them.  Her daughter Abby is so adorable you will instantly forgive her for grabbing your nose or glasses, which she does to everyone.  I have tons of photos of Abby, but very few with both mom and dad.  Here are some of my favorites:


my ‘lil sis’ Kelly.




dejong-11Flying baby.

dejong-15And here we all are!  My parents’ dog Savannah is the sweetest dog in the whole world.

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5 Replies to “Meet Little Abby”

  1. Thanks for doing such a great job little brother. What great memories for our little family to cherish forever!

  2. Hello Christopher,

    I enjoyed viewing your website and the photo galleries. I must complement you on your outstanding photography skills. Your photos bring out the true colors and the true emotions of the subjects!

    Now a question: I read on one of the blogs where you said (implied) replacing green screen (backdrop) with digital backgrounds. I am a hobbyst. I have a studio in my basement where I take family photos (mostly of my grandkids) with green chromakey backdrop. I do an OK job in Photoshop CS to replace the background, but looking for better ways to do it. I would greatly appreciate if you would tell me the method you use.

    Thanks and regards,

    Val Patel

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