Holiday Portrait Time!

Some people have been asking how they can get holiday portraits in before Christmas, so here’s the skinny:

Both packages include:

  • Quick turnaround (1 week or less)
  • Online proofing and purchasing
  • Unlimited outfits/changes
  • No limit to the number of people to shoot (so bring Grandma and Grandpa!)

The main difference in the packages is in the amount of time you’ll have, and access to the digital files.  They are detailed below.

  • $250 for a 30 minute session (includes 1 digital high res photo of your choosing, $30 for each additional image)
  • $350 for a 90 minute session (which means more candids, and includes a disc with all photos in high resolution)

Also, holiday cards available for purchase, and if you book now, you’ll be able to send it out as or with this year’s Christmas Card.  I’ll shoot anywhere you want in Orange, Los Angeles, or San Bernardino counties, as long as I’m available.  I also offer both military (active and veretan) and full-time ministry discounts.  Don’t hesitate to email me at to learn more.  Give it as a gift to a friend or loved one!  Since this is a photo blog, here’s a photo I took in Switzerland a few years ago:

The Mullarky Family Portrait

This Fall has been quite the marathon of family portraits, but I’m finding I’ve been enjoying much more as I grow in my ability to just relax and be goofy so the kids (and parents) will give me a nice expression.  I should post a video of some of the ridiculous things I do to get the little ones to look at the camera and give us at least a smirk.  The Mullarky family is near and dear to my heart, as they spent a whole year with me in Kazakhstan, serving students there and learning a very different culture together.  Since we’ve all come back to the USA, they had a wonderful son who is really just a joy to hold and be around.  Since they normally work with students from UCI, they chose that as their location for this shoot.  I posted a slideshow with music here, and I also posted an online gallery here.  Enjoy the photos.

My wife capture this great moment:

It was so fun to photograph you guys!  Check out their online gallery here.

The Virtues! A remarkable family.

It’s funny how life comes at you in cycles.  This family served me in a huge way while I was in Kazakhstan for a few years with a well-known campus ministry (I can’t give the name for security reasons).  They were constantly doing the behind-the-scenes thankless work that allowed us to be effective overseas.  When they asked me to do this portrait for them, I knew this would be a winner.  I’m no expert with toddlers, so getting good expressions can be a big challenge.  The parents brought Grandma and Grandpa along (who have also served me in huge ways), which was a huge WIN because they are the true experts on how to get these kids to smile, and they also got in a few shots as well.  I would highly recommend bringing your parents to these sessions (if it’s OK with the photographer – I welcome it!).  I have taken literally thousands of almost-great photos ruined because a parent IN the photo was trying to help coax a non-frown out of a kid, but ruining their own expression or pose in the process.  Given the nature of kids, I shoot usually about 800-1000 photos in the 1 hour sessions, and I end up keeping about 150 of them.  I’ve created an online gallery with all the keepers on this site.  To see a slideshow with music, click here.  These are a few of my favorites:

I know you wanted to see more of those shoes!

She’s gonna be such a heartbreaker!

They definitely haven’t lost that lovin’ feeling.

Grandma and Grandpa, such great role models for all of us!

It’s not how many teeth you have, it’s how you use them!

This is my favorite light to shoot in –  plus a great location doesn’t hurt.

These kids were awesome.

Thanks guys!  Don’t forget to watch the slideshow.

Helen and Michael – Engaged!

I’ve known Helen since high school, and thanks to facebook, we’ve gotten back in touch this past year.  Speaking of Facebook, if you read this blog regularly and you are on facebook, add me as a friend and you’ll get to see even more, including all the commentary that happens there relating to my photo adventures.

I was so honored when they asked me to photograph their wedding this April, and the chapel they chose is SO cool.  I’ll leave you in suspense until April as to which one it is.  These guys wanted the outdoorsy feel for their photos, so I took them to the spot of one of my favorite weddings this year, the Fullerton Arboretum.  No two trees are the same!

I love the bamboo background.

She is very, let’s say, portable.

For this one, I tried a new technique: run, jump over the couple, take photo in midair.  The midair results weren’t as cool, but the hysterical laughter helped make this shot:

I didn’t realize these had thorns until they had picked them up!  It made a fun shot despite the injuries.

Thanks again guys!  I look forward to your wedding.  The rest of the photos can be found here.

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