Introducing: Nicole

I had an opportunity last week to take a family portrait with this awesome family, Don, Erin, and their recently-adopted daughter, Nicole. After years of paperwork and waiting, they were finally able to bring this wonderful little girl from the Phillipines home and give her a home in Southern California. She was one of the most cooperative little subjects of her age that I have photographed, and I wish their family all the best in their new life together.  Don’t miss the slideshow a the end of the post.  Enjoy!

Click the image below to view the slideshow.

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Roger and Gaelyn – in love…

This pair just loved the camera! I didn’t need to tell them to be affectionate, and they weren’t shy with offering their own ideas for new spots and angles. They have become good friends of ours, and this shoot was a blast for so many reasons. Also, I had some fun experimenting with a new lens/camera combo, a new location, and new slideshow software! Enjoy the show (and forgive the cheesy music!).  Click below to see the slideshow:

Have a great day!

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