Merry Christmas! And the Peca Christmas Portraits.

Matt and Sarah are both in the worship band at Harbor Trinity, our church in Costa Mesa, and Matt is a full-time pastor there as well.  We all watched as Sarah came full term and now little Caleb is officially the cutest kid on the block.  We had so much fun shooting this, and I liked how they were willing to shoot inside their home, as well as some other not-so-standard locations.  I think these kind of “environmental” portraits really bring back the memories years down the road because of the familiarity of the surroundings.  Plus, there’s zero chance another family will be using the same location for photos! (This happened to me recently at a number of different popular parks in Orange County).  This turned out to be one of my favorite family portraits of all time.  Enjoy.

peca-1I say put the kid in a position he is always in all the time anyway!

peca-5What a little roly-poly!


Merry Christmas Everyone!  Put the computer away and GO spend time with your family.

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5 Replies to “Merry Christmas! And the Peca Christmas Portraits.”

  1. laura h – Looks like a Maine Coon. These guys don’t reach full size ’til their a several years old! It’s not uncmoomn for them to weigh 20+ lbs and have size 8 feets. For the most part, if this breed was any more laid back, they’d be dead. Love shot #2 — he looks so regal looking over his kingdom with the clouds around his head!

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