Christina and Will

This wedding was such an amazing event, with a classic feel but not lacking in elegance.  Both the ceremony and the reception were held at the Western Hills Country Club in Chino Hills.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Her uncle walked her down the aisle, more on that later.

I could tell this was a very spiritually committed couple.

The flower girls were so sweet.  And so well behaved!

My assistant Pat got this great shot right before entering the reception:

The groomsmen were a hoot.

I love these colors!

I don’t bring props, weddings have plenty of them!

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room for this first dance!  Here’s the story:  Her father had passed away a few years ago, so her uncle played the role of father of the bride.  They told her the first dance song would be “Butterfly Kisses”, but what they didn’t tell her was that it would be a recording (with video) of her father singing that song to her.  It was absolutely the most moving first dance I’ve seen in my life, and I’ve seen quite a few of these!

They had some great toasts.

Christina had a great wedding!

This was a while back, but I only started blogging recently.  I’ll post more of these each week to give a little background on each wedding I’ve done.

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  1. Valittaen voin todeta, että ne vanhemmat, joiden lapsien koulu ei suju, eivät todellakaan tätä lue tai eivät siitä niitä asioita ymmärrä. :/ Kontula kärjistää tietysti aika tavalla, eihän tuosta aiheesta muuten mitään kirjaa olisi tullut. Rakenne on myös tosi tylsä toistuvine kaavoineen. Toisaalta se sopiikin, sillä juuri toistoahan työ on. Juuri kummoistakaan draamaa kirjaan tai koulun lukuvuoteen (onneksi) ei sisälly. Mustan huumorin sävyttämä dokumentti voisi olla luonnehdinta?

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