Ben and Holly – It happened on an island…

This Catalina wedding was one of the most chill weddings I’d seen in a long time.  Unlike most Catalina weddings, this wedding was full of local “Catalinans”, because the bride and groom, Holly and Ben, grew up on the island.  They are no strangers to driving around in golf carts, being on waiting lists for 20 years to get a car, and working on boat rentals during the summer.  The ride over made me a little queasy, but once I hit land things got better fast.  Here are some of my favorite shots.  I’m using some new borders, what do you think?

No tuxedos for these groomsmen!

The father of the groom performed a very touching ceremony.  What a cool dad!

Cupcakes were the dessert, so yummy and no need for plates or cake-cutters.

There were some classic toasts, you could tell they picked the right bridal party.

This wedding is another one I did a while ago, but it was before my bloggin days, and I wanted to give you all the story behind some images you see in my portfolio.  Have a great day!

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