Model World

Sorry everyone, I’ve been swamped in moving my blog to a dedicated server, which will mean much more room for BIG photos. I hope to get on a steady blogging pattern at least once a week after all the dust settles.

Just to give you something to chew on, have a look at these photos I took. My question for you is, are they real or models? You think you can tell? I’ll post comments as you all do to see how your guessing is going.

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5 Replies to “Model World”

  1. My guesses:
    1. Shymkent — real (I’ve been there, who’d make a model of this intersection?)
    2. Medeo — model (the mountains in the background are blurry, and if this was real life, then I think you could get all of the photo in focus, whereas if this is only a few inches/feet long, then it might be too much from your macro)
    3. SLO — real (with the waves crashing???)
    4. Spain — real (I thought this one and Germany were the hardest to tell, they look so much like models!)
    5. Germany — model (it just looks like the foreground buildings are models to me, what can I say?)
    6. LA — real (I hope no one had all those little model cars!)
    7. Budapest — real (it just looks real. The lighting at night helps, I think.)

    How’d I do, Chris?

  2. They are ALL REAL! I used photoshop to fake the blur you get on lenses when photographing tiny objects. It’s called the “tilt-shift” effect, because there are some SUPER expensive lenses that can do this right in the camera, as it can help in shooting architecture.

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