I’m in the Orange County Fair!

Hi Everyone, I’m pretty excited because 3 of the 3 photos I entered got accepted for the Photo contest at the OC Fair.  What’s funny is that these photos were all taken on my “non-professional” camera with a “non-professional” lens, but it goes to show that so much of getting the right photo is being in the right place at the right time, and really knowing your equipment, no matter how ghetto-fabulous it might be. Have a look:

(I’ll keep you posted on the results).  The final prints are for sale, but not until after the fair is over in mid August.

What an awesome wedding!

I assisted my friend Jen Disney a few weeks ago shoot Rob and Robin’s wedding. These are a few of my favorite shots:

I recently got Boutwell Studios‘s “Totally Rad Actions” and I think they are awesome. I’m looking for new ways to really give brides unique images that will fill them with warm fuzzies every time they look at them. I hear they may come out with a new set soon, which I will likely purchase because of how good their first set is. I’m a sucker for companies with good products, and I think the best “buzz” for marketing is one based on someone really getting value for something they bought. I hope my brides see their photography that way!

I messed with the Zohan.

My wife and I watched “You don’t mess with the Zohan” last night to celebrate her getting a job offer, and I must say it was pretty funny!  It’s not at the level of classics such as “Billy Madison” or “Happy Gilmore”, but I laughed throughout the whole film.  It does have a ton of sexual references, so don’t take the kids.  This knee-slapper gives a new light-hearted look at Israeli-Palestinian relations, and reminds us to pursue our passions regardless of the opinions of onlookers.

Let ‘er rip!

Hi Everyone!

I have been thinking about this recently: the world doesn’t need another lame blog. But the world DOES need a unicycle that is as easy to ride as a bicycle. While the world is working on that, I’ll just be over here starting my blog.

You might be asking yourself, who is this Christopher Wren guy? I may never tell. I may give you a clue, Wren is not my last name. Christopher Wren is a guy I recommend to shoot your wedding, and at the same time he’s me. By choosing a different name, I get yet another positive recommendation. Myself.

I hope this blog is a source of pointless procrastination, wedding wonder, and technology tidbits.

Here’s a photo I recently entered in the OC fair:

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