Let ‘er rip!

Hi Everyone!

I have been thinking about this recently: the world doesn’t need another lame blog. But the world DOES need a unicycle that is as easy to ride as a bicycle. While the world is working on that, I’ll just be over here starting my blog.

You might be asking yourself, who is this Christopher Wren guy? I may never tell. I may give you a clue, Wren is not my last name. Christopher Wren is a guy I recommend to shoot your wedding, and at the same time he’s me. By choosing a different name, I get yet another positive recommendation. Myself.

I hope this blog is a source of pointless procrastination, wedding wonder, and technology tidbits.

Here’s a photo I recently entered in the OC fair:

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4 Replies to “Let ‘er rip!”

  1. Hi dear Chris, when I look at your pictures I forget about my problems, you have an amazing gift to see beauty and to share it with us. Your art is a special way to glorify wonderful Creator! Keep expressing your bright personality and talent!

  2. Dear Chris,

    My name is Jack Thompson, I work for a California Non Profit called The Wildlands Conservancy. We formed in 1995 and are dedicated to preserving outstanding landscapes. To date we have acquired or funded the acquisition of more than 744,000 acres. TWC has preserved more land in CA with Private funding than any other conservancy. Our mission is twofold. First, it is to buy wild lands so that present and future genetrations may continue to enjoy the wonders of nature. Second, it is to foster reverence for nature in an everchanging world by calling people back to the land through passive use of our preserves, and by funding programs for underserved youth. TWC is the largest non-profit provider of free outdoor education programs in Southern California.

    Centered in this picture, in the far distance, is Mount San Gorgonio, the highest mountain in Southern California. Snow melts off of San G. into a few different canyons creating year round rivers, two of them being Mission Creek and Whitewater. TWC has created preserves at each of them, and both offer free access into some of the rugged and spectacularly beautiful wilderness depicted in your photograph. At the Whitewater and Mission creek preserves, we will probably see at least 5,000 children this year for free outdoor education. To give visitors an idea of the grandeur that they have access to, we comissioned a 3-D relief map that covers much of the terrain in this photogrpah.

    We’ve been working with the artists making it, trying to get the colors right, and I came upon this picture while searching for refrences. Part of what we do is introduce people to the land, and I can’t help but think that this photograph would help us do that in a big way. We would love to get a copy of this picture to display in our ranger station to help people gain a little more knowledge of place. From the Mission Creek and Whitewater preserves, the public steps into well over 300,000 acres of public wilderness. And that’s written all over this picture.

    Would you be open to donating a copy of this picture for our lodge, or giving us a discount on it? Feel free to drop me a line at 760-325-7222 or you can e mail me at jack@wildlandsconservancy.org

    Whitewater Preserve

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