What an awesome wedding!

I assisted my friend Jen Disney a few weeks ago shoot Rob and Robin’s wedding. These are a few of my favorite shots:

I recently got Boutwell Studios‘s “Totally Rad Actions” and I think they are awesome. I’m looking for new ways to really give brides unique images that will fill them with warm fuzzies every time they look at them. I hear they may come out with a new set soon, which I will likely purchase because of how good their first set is. I’m a sucker for companies with good products, and I think the best “buzz” for marketing is one based on someone really getting value for something they bought. I hope my brides see their photography that way!

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3 Replies to “What an awesome wedding!”

  1. I love the picks, it’s so simple but has so much passion in it. This couple is very beautiful. I hope one day you will teach me how to take nice photos.

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