Santiago and Tirtzah – Santa Ana Wedding Photography

Santiago and Tirtzah have that sort of magic that everyone dreams of at their wedding. These two obviously are crazy about each other as evidenced by their engagement photo session we did a few months ago.  Their ceremony was at Waverly Chapel in Santa Ana, and the Reception was at Jason’s Downtown, also in Santa Ana.  The details turned out amazingly, and I really had a great time.

Check out their slideshow below, and the full gallery of all photos on my photo by clicking here.

Here are a few of my favorites…
tamariz_0008My absolute favorite from the day…
tamariz_0009Someone marry this woman!  What a looker.
tamariz_0013This chapel has that old English feel.
tamariz_0018I love this one.
tamariz_0025Could you tell those last few portraits were taken in the cemetery?  This presented a few technical challenges, as this was a wedding a not a funeral.
tamariz_0033The band was amazing!  I think some of my Spanish Salsa Dancer blood started to flow faster in my veins.

Thanks guys!  Such a beautiful evening!

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