Jonty and Jamie – Engagement Session in Old Town Orange, CA

I love these guys!  Not only does the groom look just like Ben Stiller, he’s British and he’s hilarious.  Their story is so romantic, I think they just stole the idea from every romantic comedy ever made .  Boy meets girl. Boy lives in England, girl lives in America.  Boy tells girl 10 reasons she should fall in love with him.  The rest is just about to happen.

The groom, Jonty,  just moved here to the US to live and marry, waist-deep in paperwork and the stress of the fiance visa process.  I know what you’re going through, we did it too!  I truly believe it’s a process intentionally confusing and complicated to give the marriages-to-be a little earthquake drill for what an international marriage is like.  These guys are finally together and don’t try to get between them.  Not gonna happen.  The Atlantic ocean already tried.

I also love this couple because they trust my vision completely!  I have long wanted to do an engagment shoot in Old Town Orange (close to my new place), and they just ran with the idea.  Here are a few of my favorites:
nash_0008Me: “Jonty, go ask them to borrow their bike”  Jonty: “Can we borrow your bike?”  Stranger with bike: “Why, yes of course” (in a failed attempt at a bri-ish accent)
nash_0010At this point, we had a small crowd watching, half of whom really thought this was Ben Stiller, and half who thought it was an Abercrombie photoshoot.
nash_0013You’re on CHRIS-O-VISION!
nash_0015It was all my wonderful wife’s idea…
nash_0017Yeah, so those “classic” real candied apples… not so soft and fun.  It’s like a jawbreaker the size of a gorilla’s fist.  Sometimes progress should be embraced.
nash_0018Especially if the “classic” one rips out a tooth!
nash_0019PHEW false alarm… the inside of an apple can look just like a tooth.
nash_0021Stunning, isn’t she?
nash_0023This one reminds me of what New York looks like.
nash_0028I love these last few…

I loved hangin with you both, and I’ll see you at your wedding next weekend!

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25 Replies to “Jonty and Jamie – Engagement Session in Old Town Orange, CA”

  1. Wow Chris! I think this is one of my most favorite engagement shoots of yours! Love all of them! Great work, and a fabulous couple. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. Have a great weekend.

  2. Chris – My favorite is the kiss behind the candy apple! They are all amazing. I know this couple (mother of the bride) and you’ve truly captured their love for each other in these photos! Thanks for sharing in their wedding day – you and your wife were awesome 🙂

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