Greg and Valerie’s Engagement Photos

Greg is a dear friend.  As of a month or so ago, he was on the “most eligible bachelor” list for countless women, but alas, he’s gettin’ hitched!  Greg’s family is one of those families where you wonder if they have been selected from a large pool of applicants worldwide to get the only best of the best.  Kinda like the backstreet boys, only without the all the memorabilia.  Also, Greg’s mom was my favorite teacher in all my years of schooling, and I remain in contact with her to this day.  My wife and I were so excited when Greg called and asked us to take engagement photos for them, as it was also the first I or my wife had met his fiancee, Valerie.  Valerie has the slightest southern accent, which is so pleasant to the ears, like the sound of walking ankle-deep in freshly fallen fall-colored leaves.  She’s a wonderful lady, and we wish you both the best in your life together.  Ok, enough rambling, on to the photos:

Masha got this one, I made the ripple with a bottle cap.

Here’s a fun sequence.

I love me new Kenko extension tubes, they let me get these insane macro shots without breaking the bank or carrying another lens.  I highly recommend them, although it takes quite a bit of getting used to.  I was practicing on insects at my apartment complex to get the hang of it.

We were hoping to get a shot sitting in it, but the driver was AWOL.

Thanks again guys for a fun evening!  I hope all goes well with the wedding planning.  The rest of the photos are available online at my online photo store.

Fred and Kathy’s Engagement!

Our original date for this shoot had to be rescheduled because of the Santa Ana winds (it was closed), and I’m glad we came back to Irvine Park because it was so awesome.  There was even a pumpkin patch and a peacock!  Click here for a fun slideshow with music.  Prints are available here.  Fred was my roommate in Kazakhstan for a year, and is the only I person I know who puts orange juice in pancake batter.  Kathy is a great gal I’ve only recently gotten to know, but already I can tell they are perfect for each other.  Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

See, I told you there would be pumkpins.

And peacocks!  (insert obnoxious peacock sound here)

Thanks guys!  I had a blast, and I’m looking forward to your wedding April.


This was not just another family portrait, we all really had a blast.  This was at Salt Creek Beach, which I will probably use again in the near future.  Check out the slideshow too!

So I could have posted just 12 photos of this one, but it wouldn’t have been fair.  Kids care about fairness way more than adults do!

This was a jumping contest, not a flying kick.  The big sis clearly won.

Thanks guys for the opportunity to capture your family!  There’s a slideshow here for your viewing pleasure.  The photos are available for purchase here.

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