The Mullarky Family Portrait

This Fall has been quite the marathon of family portraits, but I’m finding I’ve been enjoying much more as I grow in my ability to just relax and be goofy so the kids (and parents) will give me a nice expression.  I should post a video of some of the ridiculous things I do to get the little ones to look at the camera and give us at least a smirk.  The Mullarky family is near and dear to my heart, as they spent a whole year with me in Kazakhstan, serving students there and learning a very different culture together.  Since we’ve all come back to the USA, they had a wonderful son who is really just a joy to hold and be around.  Since they normally work with students from UCI, they chose that as their location for this shoot.  I posted a slideshow with music here, and I also posted an online gallery here.  Enjoy the photos.

My wife capture this great moment:

It was so fun to photograph you guys!  Check out their online gallery here.

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