Helen and Michael – Wayfarer’s Chapel

Helen and Michael had one of the classiest weddings I’ve seen in a while, and it was on a Thursday!  I went to High School with Helen, and she is such a beautiful bride.  The guests were so much fun, and the food was awesome, plus, the amazing Troy Grover shot alongside me.  I made a slideshow, which can be found by clicking here:


Here are a few of my favorites:



This bouquet is so simple, and so portable!  Perfect for a portable bride.

They had a very sweet first look.Hall_0011
This chapel is just amazing.Hall_0012
Isn’t she gorgeous?Hall_0021

I got to take one of these home, my wife was so happy!Hall_0022
The guests sure had tons of cameras!Hall_0029

Thanks guys!  Have a great life together.

Holiday Portrait Time!

Some people have been asking how they can get holiday portraits in before Christmas, so here’s the skinny:

Both packages include:

  • Quick turnaround (1 week or less)
  • Online proofing and purchasing
  • Unlimited outfits/changes
  • No limit to the number of people to shoot (so bring Grandma and Grandpa!)

The main difference in the packages is in the amount of time you’ll have, and access to the digital files.  They are detailed below.

  • $250 for a 30 minute session (includes 1 digital high res photo of your choosing, $30 for each additional image)
  • $350 for a 90 minute session (which means more candids, and includes a disc with all photos in high resolution)

Also, holiday cards available for purchase, and if you book now, you’ll be able to send it out as or with this year’s Christmas Card.  I’ll shoot anywhere you want in Orange, Los Angeles, or San Bernardino counties, as long as I’m available.  I also offer both military (active and veretan) and full-time ministry discounts.  Don’t hesitate to email me at info@christopherwrenphoto.com to learn more.  Give it as a gift to a friend or loved one!  Since this is a photo blog, here’s a photo I took in Switzerland a few years ago:

Fred and Kathy’s Engagement!

Our original date for this shoot had to be rescheduled because of the Santa Ana winds (it was closed), and I’m glad we came back to Irvine Park because it was so awesome.  There was even a pumpkin patch and a peacock!  Click here for a fun slideshow with music.  Prints are available here.  Fred was my roommate in Kazakhstan for a year, and is the only I person I know who puts orange juice in pancake batter.  Kathy is a great gal I’ve only recently gotten to know, but already I can tell they are perfect for each other.  Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

See, I told you there would be pumkpins.

And peacocks!  (insert obnoxious peacock sound here)

Thanks guys!  I had a blast, and I’m looking forward to your wedding April.

I’m in the Orange County Fair!

Hi Everyone, I’m pretty excited because 3 of the 3 photos I entered got accepted for the Photo contest at the OC Fair.  What’s funny is that these photos were all taken on my “non-professional” camera with a “non-professional” lens, but it goes to show that so much of getting the right photo is being in the right place at the right time, and really knowing your equipment, no matter how ghetto-fabulous it might be. Have a look:

(I’ll keep you posted on the results).  The final prints are for sale, but not until after the fair is over in mid August.

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